The snappersnake was first found in Radford Va. The first ever recorded encounter came in the summer of 2010 on the banks of the New River. Though no police were contacted, the eyewitness was very distraught at what he had seen.

The first eyewitness declines to be identified as of the posting of the article, but a description of the Snappersnake can be read here. What follows is the taken form the interview of the eyewitness...

"I was just fishing around Bisset Park in July. Having snagged my line on multiple occasions that day, I w as not at all surprised by having my line yet agian snagged. Yanking the line I soon sawa a ten foot creature fly out of the water onto the bank. At first I thought that the creature to be a snake, but upon further examination I could see that the snake had a head like a snapping turtle with a roud bluge near the end of its tail. The bulge look alot like a snapping turtle shell. Along with the skin of a turtle, the body of a snake, I knew I had seen something never seen before."

The next day, the eyewitness went on to tell the people that he worked with, not surprisingly, he was not believed. With no evidence to back up the story of the eyewitness the reader can only conjecture about the nature and true form of the Snappersnake. However, due te proximity of Radford University and Virginia Tech it would not at all be surprising that the Snappersnake could be a creature that was created from the experiments of Virginia Tech.